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Planetside 2 Hacks & Cheats

Planetside 2 Hacks

Looking for planetside 2 hacks? We can provide you with the latest working cheats on planetside 2. Our hack tool has been working since the last patch of the game and it has a anti-ban system so it’s secure for you to use this hacks.



planetside 2 hack tool 2014 download





Planetside 2 Hack Features:



Aimbot + No Recoil

Add Station Cash

Infinite Ammo

Unlock All Skills

Unlock All Weapons

Invisible Mode

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After being leaked from a private russian forum this cheats for planetside 2 have been used by many players. This planetside 2 hack was modified to work with the latest patch of the game so you’re free to use it without any problem or do not worry for being banned since it has a updated anti-ban system.


How to download the planetside 2 cheats?

To download the planetside 2 cheats first of all you should click on the download button. As the second step a survey will appear, complete this small survey with real information so we can check you’re not a bot and this will keep the hack tool working for longer. After that download the file and extract and run it. Open your game press start hack and to activate the hack during the game press f5.

For more information on how to use it a small text file will come with the download as a tutorial to use this cheats.


What is Planetside 2?


Planetside 2 is a free mmofps that you can play on steam. Thousands of players are playing on the same server at the same time in incredible fights and wars in the ground or in the air. There are different classes and vehicles on this game and a unique costumization system.

This game takes place on a planet called Auraxis. There are three continents ( Indar, Esamir and Amerish ).


Sep 07

Battlefield 4 Key Generator – Keygen

Battlefield 4 Key Generator – Keygen

Want to play Battlefield 4 for free? Looking for a key to redeem into your origins account?

Get our Battlefield 4 keygen and play bf4 right now without paying anything.

battlefield 4 key generator


How to use Battlefield 4 Key Generator

  • Download the file
  • Extract the file
  • Run Battlefield 4 Key Generator.exe
  • Press Generate key
  • Copy your key into your origins account and redeem it
  • Have fun playing the game

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Battlefield 4 Guide and Tips:


Start Slowly

Whether you’re a beginner or a player of old versions of Battlefield, playing  Slowly is a good idea. The game received some good changes in its gameplay, which may take some time to be assimilated.
Enjoy a few games in playoff mode to get used to the commands and maps. When you feel ready for a greater challenge, jump to your favorite multiplayer mode and start to destroy everything around you.


Be discreet

Unlike campaign mode, where you can walk through the scenarios distributing shots on hundreds of enemy soldiers, multiplayer requires a little more care and attention.
Try to avoid walking the most obvious ways of maps, as well as needlessly shoot or come face to face enemies. The more discreet you can be, the more chances of picking up an unsuspecting opponent you have.


Study the maps

In the first minutes of play, it is ideal that you stay tuned to the various paths available in the maps. Try all possibilities and try to memorize the most effective methods for your style of play. This will help you the next time you play the map.


Use the knife

A stab of Battlefield 4 is without doubt the quickest, silent and efficient way to eliminate an opponent. to run it, just get closer to an enemy and press the right analog control.
Now it is also possible to avoid a stab, retaliating with another. If you can react fast enough, you can fight back the enemy’s attack.

free battlefield 4

Find a useful class

Arriving in a match, avoid choosing any class, or even your favorite class, and taking action. Try taking a few moments of your time to watch the game, see what the purpose and how his team is playing. Each class has its specific function and some of them may not be useful depending on the situation.


Listen to your Commander

An ancient feature of the Battlefield series is coming back in the fourth chapter: Commander. In addition to the players who actively participate in the battle, there are still two commanders, one on each side, watching all the action for an aerial view, as if it were a strategy title. With this view he can better understand where the team needs every soldier is then listen to what your commander has to say, even if you do not want to obey him, because he can lead a team to victory.


Learn to use vehicles

Battlefield 4 brings a chance to test the vehicles and learn how to control them before leaving for the fight online. Take this opportunity to learn well before attempting to fly them in a real match. Can be very detrimental to the team having an inexperienced pilot, especially if the opposing team has good pilots.


And do not forget to have fun! Battlefield 4 is one of the most amazing ever made games. It is truly an amazing game to play  with your friends and you will have some epic moments. Remember: Always have fun!

Sep 07

Arma 3 Key Generator

Enough of looking for a legit Arma 3 Key Generator! We have exactly what you have been searching. It was updated recently and 100% working for all players in every country wordwide.



arma3 keygen



How to use Arma 3 Key generator:


  • Download the Key Generator
  • Extract the Key Generator
  • Run the Key Generator
  • Generate a Key
  • Copy the key or re-write the key



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ArmA III uses the same basic premise of the two previous games, but with an even greater scope. This time the action takes place on a huge island, and you have access to every inch of it? can do anything from simply rushing to get a helicopter, shoot with your gun or drive a tank.

Besides the single player campaign, there are also traditional multiplayer modes (with competitive and cooperative scenarios) and tools for mods. You can also create dedicated servers on machines running either Windows or Linux


arma 3


Minimum requirements

  • Processor: Dual-Core or Dual-Core Athlon
  • Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Video Memory: 512 MB
  • Chipset: NVIDIA 8800 GT / ATI HD 3850
  • Direct3D: Yes
  • DirectX Version: 10.0
  • Operating Systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • HDD: 10 GB free disk


Recommended requirements

  • Processor: Core i5 2300 or Phenom II X4 940
  • Processor Speed: 2.8 GHz 4 cores
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Video Memory: 1 GB
  • Chipset: NVIDIA GTX 560 / ATI HD 7770
  • Direct3D: Yes
  • DirectX Version: 11.0
  • Operating Systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • HDD: 20 GB free disk



The possibility of changing the game in its second version, made ​​it launched the famous Dayz. It was expected that with Weapon 3 players could experience a new mod that follow the same line.

Initially, the mod was released on European servers. The problem is that there exists the limit system ping, but now with the new server installed in the United States can play without problems.

If we compare the size of the map Arma 3 with the amazing GTA 5 will see an interesting difference. As was previously posted here at the IGN website, the map of GTA 5 is approximately 49km ². Already in Arma 3, the map called Altis has 275km ². It’s a nice size for living in a zombie apocalypse.

Sep 04

Need for Speed World Boost Hack


Need for Speed World Boost Hack [ Updated September 2014]


Have you been looking for a working legit need for speed world boost hack? HacksandGenerators finally release a working generator for nfs world. This cheat tool will let you generate any ammount of boost points to spend in your game. This is confirmed to work on December 2013 and it has been updated with the latest patch of the game.


Need for Speed World Boost Hack


Need for Speed World Boost Hack Features:

  • Speed Hack
  • Generator Free Boost Points
  • Undetectable
  • Working on PC and MAC


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NFS World Guide


NFSW guide

You can access the game at any time through the Help button within the game manual ( it is marked with a question mark icon ) or by pressing the ” + ” key on your keyboard .

Below are some frequently asked questions about Need for Speed ​​World :

When I play as Multiplayer or Pursuits ( chases ) ?

The multiplayer is only available to players Level 2 and above. Being a Pilot Level 1 , you can complete the races start tutorial to reach level 2 , you can play as Multiplayer .

How do I improve the performance of my vehicle ?

In Safehouse ( Hideout ), go to Customization ( Personalization ) > Performance Shop ( Shop Mod ) . There you can buy various Performance Parts ( Parts Modified ) for your car . Modification parts can be earned through Card Packs ( Package of Letters ) Event Pursuit ( Pursuit ) , Race (Racing ) and Team Escape ( Trail Team ) .

How to buy a car ?

Cars can be purchased through the Car Dealer ( Carrier ) inside the Safehouse or within the SpeedBoost ( increase speed ) store. Some cars can be unlocked as you level up and are bought with money , while others can be purchased directly with SpeedBoost.

How can I play a Private Match (Private Match ) ?

If you are invited to a Private Match , a dialog appears asking whether you want to accept or reject the invitation .
To create a Private Match , open a window of Race Event ( Charity Race ) and select Private Match. When your Friend List ( friend list ) load , click the name of your friend in the list and select Invite Friend ( Invite a Friend ) . Another way is to invite a group of friends if you are part of one.

How to earn Reputation ?

You earn reputation all times to flee from police or finish a race . Reputation increases their level , giving you more skills Pilot and gives access to more events , cars and vinyls . You can see how close it is to level up looking at the Rep Bar ( Bar Reputation ) found at the top of the screen HUD .

What are Driver Skills (Skills Pilot ) and how they work ?

As your pilot level up, you earn points that can be assigned to Pilot Skills . They are divided into three types : Race ( Race ) , Pursuit ( Pursuit ) and Explore ( Exploration ) . You can check the description of each Skill ( Skill) before choosing the desired to improve your Pilot .


What are Race Rewards Rewards ( Racing ) and how they work ?

At the end of each race , regardless of the position you arrive, you will earn rewards in the form of Cash (Cash ) ,Rep ( reputation ) and letter Lucky Draw ( Draw ) . Cash can be used to buy new cars, parts , paints and anything to improve your vehicle . Rep helps you level up and unlock more cars , races and new pilot skills . At the end of each race , having collected your Rep and Cash , you will have the chance to select a letter of Lucky Draw between a set of five on the screen . The letters contain different rewards , including Power- Ups ( Special Items ) , Cash , Rep and even rare Performance Parts.You can also use SpeedBoost to buy Cash and Rep Amplifiers ( Rep Amplifiers ) to improve its rewards .

How do I report a player ?

If you find a troublesome person , can act as follows:
Change the channel chat – type / join # ( # is the number of the next channel you wish to enter )
Block Player – Right Click on the name of the pilot and select ‘Block Driver’ ( ‘ Pilot Block ‘ ) . After doing this , you will no longer receive messages from him .
However , you may need to report a player if their conduct violates the Terms of Service of Electronic Art
Right- click the name of the pilot and select ‘ Report Driver’ ( ‘ Pilot Report ‘ ) . A window ‘ Report Driver’ will appear with a selection of reasons . Carefully select the correct reason for the pilot Report and provide some details about why you want to report it .

Sep 04

Fifa 14 Ultimate Team Coin Generator

Fifa 14 Ultimate Team Coin Generator



Looking for a working fifa 14 team coin generator? Tired of working generators? Need coins to buy new players and improve your team? Well, finally we updated the old fifa 14 team generator so it is working with the latest update of the game.


We know it takes so many hours to get coins in fifa to afford new players to your team that’s why we decided to release this hack. Now you can get unlimited fifa 14 coins in a safe and legit way.

fifa 14 ultimate team coin generator 2014


Fifa 14 ultimate team coin generator features:


  • Add Unlimited Coins
  • Working on PC, Playstation 3 and XBOX 360
  • Undetectable

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What is fifa 14?

Fifa 14 was released on 27 September 2013 for Ps2, Wii, Ps3, PC and Xbox and it is a football simulation game.

Along with Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 this game is one of the best football games ever created.

The famous fifa 14 ultimate team mode is back and now with more features than ever so get ready to spend thousands of hours playing this game.



Fifa 14 ultimate team Beginners guide ( tips for fifa 14 ) :

Ultimate Team mode is the most popular game of the FIFA franchise .

But Ultimate Team is not just about creating a team only with players who we like. It is much more than that . We have to manage many things to ensure that we succeed with our team .


First of all , we must realize that everything in this game is represented by letters that can be won in packets , sold, bought or exchanged in a global market and in real time with thousands of other players . In FUT 14 , there are four groups of letters :

Used to form our teams .
Used to give players and managers what they need : contracts , training sessions, physical recovery , treatment sessions , etc …
Consumables used to manage in the best way possible in order to increase our chances of winning.
Items Club:
Used to costumize our club badges , equipment , balls and stadiums .


In order to To succeed in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team is not only necessary to know how to manage these four groups of letters . We have to find the right tactics according to our style of play ( guide tactics available soon) and with the players we selected . It’s the pitch we realized if we can create an unbeatable team or not . We can play games online and offline , both in tournaments and in times , beyond challenge our friends . FIFA 14 Ultimate Team combines fantasy team with the multi award-winning gameplay of FIFA 14 .

To make the challenge of building our team even more fun and unique , there are some rules : the rules of chemistry . They measure how well the players play with each other . It is therefore necessary that when we buy players we have good connections with colleagues .  A good relationship with the manager , loyalty and play in their natural position are factors that also help the performance of the players .

As in real life , money is indispensable for us to build it for that team . Part of the fun of FUT 14 is know to profit in the market  . The more coins ( currency FUT ) we have , the greater our dreams .




This hack is confirmed to work on September 2014.

Please do not resell it or try to monetize it in any way.

Sep 04

League of Legends Riot Points generator

League of Legends Riot Points generator 2014 [ September ]

Are you a League of Legends true player that want to succeed and be the very best? With this new hack you can achieve all that and add it some beauty with your free riot points! Get it now, for free!

league of legends riot points generator




How to use the League of Legends Riot Points Generator

  • Download the file
  • Extract the file
  • Run League of Legends RP generator.exe
  • Generate your codes
  • Paste your codes into your League of Legends client in order to redeem them
  • Enjoy the generator




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Riot Games has created an online multiplayer game called League of Legends . The objective of this game is to control a champion to fight our choice in the fields of justice and four other companions to defeat their opponents and their five champions.

The basics of the game

The games in League of Legends will give us points making our summoner levels up, with each level you unlock a rune slot and get a master’s reaching a maximum level of 30. These runes will improve our character as we use as the champion have to create a rune blade chord with him.You can start by choosing three different skill trees to improve our champion .

The gameplay

The gameplay is quite simple , we have two types of play Dominion and Normal. In normal mode we can choose two 3v3 and 5v5 modes that will aim to destroy the enemy base but to reach it we have to destroy a series of towers that protect the roads and not let us move forward until we destroy the first , if this was not complicated at all you ‘ll have to use our minions (soldiers depart from our base in waves ) as bait for the tower focus its attacks on them while we destroy .

Game objectives

Not everything will destroy towers as enemy champions trying to destroy our towers and take the chance to kill us. The Dominion mode will be the classic capture the flag , we will have two bases from where we five capture points , the more we drain it faster life opposing team to win.

After seeing the game modes , our mission in the fields of justice is to destroy towers in addition to getting gold. This gold will be achieved by killing the opposing team’s minions , killing neutral creatures that are in the jungle , destroying towers and killing enemy champions .

With the gold we gain , we can buy items in the shop to improve our character by buying armor to make it tougher for example.

lol riot points generator proof


Different types of points

There will be 2 types of points you can have in League of Legends; IP ( Influence Points) and RP ( Riot Points ).

Influence Points: They are one of the two coins League of Legends, we get them by playing games. If you win you get more than what you get from when you lose,but you will always get IP.

Riot Points: Those are paid points that allow us to buy extras like skins for characters and champions.

Runes: we have to buy them in the store with points of influence and create runes leaves them as you choose will improve your character in one way or another. There are different types of runes: Marks, Seals, Glyphs and Quintessence. In the first three have 9 runes each and 3 of the Quintessence, depending on rune qualities we offer more or less the same type.

Sep 03

Wizard101 Crown Generator

Wizard101 Crown Generator Hack

Are you a wizard101 player? Tired of spending real money in crowns? Now you can generate any amount of crowns you want thanks to this wizard101 crown generator. It is confirmed to work on december 2013. This hack is working thanks to a huge glitch on wizard101 database and hundreds of players have been using this lately to get free crown. Join them now and be the best you can be!


wizard101 crown generator hack





Wizard101 Crown Generator Hack Features:


  • Anti-Ban system for your account ( undetectable )
  • Easy to download and to use ( it takes 2 minutes )
  • Unlimited use ( use as many times as you want or need )
  • Get unlimited ammunt of Crowns


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Wizard101 Instructions:


The online game Wizard101 allows players to develop their pets, even a dragon, within the Pet Pavilion. The animals are raised and trained in the pavilion. Additionally, you can put them to rival races against other animals, but the player must be at least level seven and have killed Rattlebones that inhabits the Unicorn Way. A pet is born from an egg.


Where to pick up a dragon


  1. Go to the Pet Pavilion . It is after the tunnel next to Prospector Zeke in The Commons in Wizard City .
  2. Talk to Merle Ambrose you want a pet and he will give you a dragon egg . Position the mouse pointer over the egg to see how much time remains until the dragon hatch.
  3. Click on the baby dragon to equip him after he was born.


Training a Dragon


  1. Train your dragon in the four ” minigames ” ( mini ) within the Pet Pavilion . He will gain experience and level up to teen and then adult . The dance game requires you to follow a sequence of arrows to make your pet dance. The maze requires you to make your pet go through a maze and pick up food, avoiding the ghosts . In the game the gobblers will flinging food you feed your pet and make them take the gobblers . In the canyon , you should shoot your pet against a target and deflect it from obstacles .
  2. Feed your pet after each training game . This will give a boost in his stats and help level up faster . You can buy or make the food .
  3. Train your dragon more ” minigames ” ( mini ) and feed it after every game . Continue until it runs out of power . Then let the energy restore and go back to training a little longer until the animal reaches adulthood .

Sep 03

Clash of Clans Hack

Clash of clans Hack and Cheats

The most up to date Clash of clans Hack is out now! Especially made for you this new hack will totally make your day! Try it out now for absolutely free!



clash of clans hack cheats tool gem




Clash of Clans Hack features:

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Elixir
  • Private Proxy support (100% Undetectable, 100% Safe)


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What is clash of clans ?

‘Clash of Clans’ follows the strategy / combat style of game that will leave you hooked in minutes of planning. Create a base structure, evolving from gold and exploited elixir of nature, create armies of Barbarians, War Wizards, Dragons. After your base is ready, you can attack other players, but can also be attacked by other kingdoms. There is also the option to join a clan of players connecting to Facebook or Google+, or create your own Clan to challenge the control of the Kingdom.

clash of clans hack proof result

How does it work ?

Your goal is to move your village , build walls around, deploy weapons to defend against enemy attacks , train an army and attack the village mainly other players to get more resources like Gold , Elixir , etc. .
You start the game with a builder ( can be up to 5 ) , a small character is responsible for giving us an upgrade elements of your Village . If you buy a gun and puts it in his village , is the builder who will be in charge of doing an upgrade to the cannon evolve and become stronger thus destroying more enemies and becoming more resistant to attacks .
When you update an element , it takes a time which can be from 15 minutes to 10 days depending on your level . At this moment are important spoken gems that will be below.

Players Rating

The rating of the game is not made ​​by measuring its level in the game , but through trophies For example , a player at Level 70 can face another player who is at level 20 , since they are in a range of trophies next .

– Build your village and turn it into an invincible stronghold
– Fight with players around the world and capture your Victory Points
– Join with other players to form the most powerful Clan
– 15 unique units with multiple levels of upgrades
– Defend your village with cannons, towers, Mortars, Bombs, Traps and Railings
– Fight the Goblin King in an epic campaign throughout the kingdom

As the notice of their own ‘stores’, the Clash of Clans is free to play, but some game items can also be purchased with real money. If you do not want to use this feature, turn off purchases in applications in the settings of your device, just in case.


You won’t need jailbreak for this hack to work and this is confirmed to work on september 2014.

You can also search for clash of clans cheats to find this hack tool.

Sep 03

Instagram Followers Hack

Instagram Followers Hack [ Updated ]


instagram followers hack 2014


Are you a instagram user? Are you looking for free followers? How to get more instagram followers for free?

You can get more followers on instagram with our hack. Free Instagram followers hack will let you add any number of followers you want to follow you on your instagram account.

Imagine millions of people seeing your pictures everyday. That’s what you’re looking for, right?



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Instagram Followers Hack Features:

  • Active Followers
  • Add more than 1000 followers daily
  • Use it on unlimited accounts
  • Anti-ban system
  • Can be used with proxies
  • Weekly Update







How to use instagram followers hack?


  • Download the instagram followers hack.rar
  • Extract the file and execute the .exe file
  • Just write your account username and the number of followers you want to add.



Remember: Most of the followers will be real people so be careful how you use this tool. 




What are instagram followers?

Followers on instagram can be just friends or even family and strangers. People with similiar interests usually will follow you and maybe want you to follow them back. You can be their inspiration.

The number of followers is realted to your influence. That’s why we decided to launch this new instagram followers hack, so you can find a easier way to have a bigger influence on people.



followers instagram for free






Sep 03

Spotify Premium Code Generator

Spotify Premium Code Generator



spotify premium codes for free




Looking for a free spotify premium account? You came to the right place. Our huge database has thousands of premium codes you can redeem on spotify website to get spotify premium accounts. This is thanks to a old method that got patched but all the codes are working.


free spotify premium code generator 2014



roblox hack download button




Free Spotify Premium Code Generator 6.2 details:

  • Thousands of working codes
  • Full support
  • Working on Windows, MAC and linux
  • Instructions with the download
  • Encryption mode


How to use Spotify Premium Code Generator?

After downloading the free spotify premium code generator open the rar file and extract the spotify generator.exe

Open it and choose the premium code duration ( 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year ). After that select 256bit encryption and click on generate. You will get a code that you will have to redeem on and voilá, enjoy your spotify premium account.

How to download spotify premium codes?

To download our generator click on the download button. After that a survey will pop up. Just fill it with real information, it doesn’t take so much long. We ask for a survey to avoid leaching and bots and to keep the codes working.

We’re aware that many of the generators you find are fake but we can guarantee to our users that our generator is real and working 100%.


What is Spotify?

Spotify is an online streaming music service, just like itunes, where you can listen to your favourite bands and singers around the world in just a click.

You can use spotify in any kind of OS ( Mac, Linux, Windows ) and also on smart phones and TVs.

You can browse songs by artist, record label, genre, album or playlists or simply by searching the song’s name. These playlists can be created by your friends or even yourself and are available for other persons to see, that way the playlists can change and became bigger and newer. You can also share your music on socials networks like Facebook, Twitter, your blogs and email, and obviously you can share your music also on Spotify. You can also add the playlists you like to your own collection.

There is a free trial period of spotify when you create an account but after that you will need to pay for a premium license. That’s why we decided to share some free spotify premium codes.

Please do not resell any of these codes or try to sell this hack tool.

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